BULA is ubiquitous


Welcome to FIJI – the only country on Earth where you are greeted with a warm ‘BULA’ everywhere you go. Bula is ubiquitous.

Bula means “life” and in a greeting it implies wishes for “good health”. On occasion, you may also hear the greeting “Cola Vina” (pronounced Thola Veenah) and also means life in a dialect spoken in the Western region of Fiji.

Just like the wonderful hospitality of our people, Bula is infectious.

When you’re in Fiji or even when you’re communicating with someone from our paradise islands on the phone, via email or on social media, use Bula! Spread well wishes of life and good health everyday.

Vinaka (Thank you), Connie.

BULA welcome by the staff of South Sea Island in the majestic Mamanuca group of islands in western Fiji. *South Sea Cruises photo.




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